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Two- Year Associate’s Degree

The Associate in Arts Degree is well – recognized in the USA. Broward College offers a wide variety of concentrations within the Associate degree, so that while fulfilling the general education requirements students can also take many subjects pertaining to their specific degree. In order to complete the AA degree a student needs to earn around 60 – 63 credits which takes between 1 ½ to 2 years. A student may precede with his/her studies to earn around another 60 credits (2 years) and earn a Bachelor’s degree in any field. The advantage of earning an Associate degree in Sri Lanka is that it constitutes formal recognition of a student academic achievement after two years of university study. Many colleges and universities in the USA and elsewhere admit students into the 2nd or 3rd year of university study and this wide range of subjects within the first 2 years of study enables student to apply this integrated knowledge, skills and behavior to their personal and professional lives. The Associate in Arts degree is awarded by Broward College, USA. Earn this degree and transfer into one of Florida’s four-year state colleges or public universities.

The following Broward College Associate degrees can be completed in Sri Lanka.

Entry Requirements

a) 5 credit passes in G.C.E O/L, with English & Mathematics or,

b) Any other academic qualifications accepted by the Senate or,

c) 19 years and above with relevant work experience


2 years

Exemptions may be given for good A/Level results (A’s and B’s)

GENERAL EDUCATION (36 Credit Hours – 12 subjects)

General Education & Biological Science Electives

Associate in Arts in Biological Science Concentration

General Education & Engineering Electives

Associate in Arts in Engineering Concentration

General Education & Information Technology Electives

Associate in Arts in Information Technology Concentration

General Education & Specialization Subjects

Associate in Arts in Psychology Concentration

General Education & Education Electives

Associate in Arts in Education Concentration

Program Description

Opportunities for a rewarding career in the early childhood abound for the well trained processional interested in being a teacher of young children, supervisor of children’s programs, or owner of a child care facility. The Associate of Science degree combines classroom and field experiences to the student necessary background for success in the job market. Course work provides graduates with the ability to design an effective educational curriculum, manage children in a classroom setting, supervise early childhood personnel, and efficiently administer business operations.

General Education & Specialized Credit Course hours

Associate in Arts in Early Childhood Education

Program Description

The Associate of Science degree in Business Administration trains individuals to assument management or supervisory positions in business, industry and government. It provides basic skills in a broad range of business functions including accounting computer usage, management and marketing

General Education & Specialization Credit Hours

Associate in Arts in Business Administration

Program Description

The Hospitality and Tourism Management programs offered at the American College of Higher Education emphasize the development of management skill needed in the hospitality industry. The General Education requirements of the program develop students abilities in leadership, communications and interpersonal skills.

General Education & Specialized Course Credit hours

Associate in Arts in Hospitality & Tourism Management

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