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Diploma in Airport Operations Management

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This program prepares a student for the Operational Management of an Airport – a World recognized qualification commanding much esteem & status.


The program duration is 2 years – 1st year at ACHE & the 2nd year at GCAC.

Enrollment requirements as for other GCAC programs.


The student has option of sitting for IATA (the Association of Airlines World wide that decide & set  guidelines on the Commercial activities of Airlines) exam.

Post Diploma – the student has option of obtaining a Degree in this discipline from the University of Winchester, USA – additional 2 years.



AO Manager is a position in high demand in the Aviation circles as he/she isthe decision maker/controller of the Operations at that specific airport – which may also affect the activities/performance of other airports. The position also carries a very high degree of responsibility.


Course description

 1st year of 2 semesters (ACHE)

The student will cover  the basic courses + specialized courses on Management Science, Introduction to Civil Aviation, Communication & etiquette, Airport Passenger Service, Airport Cargo Service,                     Air Transport/Airline Geography ( specialized for Civil Aviation) among several others.


2nd Year of 2 semesters at GCAC, China

Much of the specialized courses will be covered during this period, such as:-

Passenger Ground Services, Air Cargo Transport, Airport Maintenance Practice, Airport Safety Check Practice, Airport Fundamentals, Airport Operations, Airline Operational Control, Managing Airport Environment, Airport Emergency Rescue, Flight information Services, Human Factors & Aviation Safety, Air Traffic Management, etc.


On the completion of the Diploma program, the student will have a deep all round knowledge covering all aspects of Airport Operations Management, including Air Navigational Intelligence, Airport Operation Security,Flight Planning & Dispatch, Airport Emergency Rescue,Aerodrome Charts, Air route Charts, Runway & Lighting Systems, use of specialized Vehicles at Airport Airside,Operation & Control of the Airside Apron, Aviation Meteorology( weather conditions affecting aviation), Cargo Handling & handling of Dangerous Goods, Special Cargo loads, Flying & Ground Crew  resource Management, among many other specifics.

Intake by GCAC            :           September of each year


Please follow the link for the FAQ handbook: FAQs Aviation