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Bachelor’s Degrees at Broward College, Florida, USA

The students who obtain the Associate Degree from Broward College from at American College of Higher Education could continue in completion of their Bachelors degree at Broward College, Florida.

Following Degrees could be completed at Broward College, Florida.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Education

Broward College offers several Bachelors of Science degrees in Education. Your dream of becoming a teacher starts here.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science uses a 2+2 model designed to provide individuals who have obtained an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Arts (AA) degree from a regionally accredited college or university the opportunity to further their education. The Bachelor of Science (BS) in environmental science is designed for students that wish to pursue a career as a laboratory/field technician and/or progress to a graduate degree program (MS or PhD). The curriculum will provide the students with a foundational understanding of science, critical thinking skills, experiential learning, ethics and specific technical knowledge and skills required to work in the laboratory or the field.  As environmental science is a truly broad multidisciplinary field, three main tracks or minors will be available during the final half of the curriculum. These track/ minors will address the major specialties (physical, biological, GIS, etc.) within the field and provide graduates with a wealth of discipline skills and knowledge that will make them competitive for employment within the environmental and biological science workforce.

Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

The BAS in Information Technology will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to advance and be competitive in the management of advanced information systems.The BAS in Supervision and Management will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be competitive in a variety of challenging career fields.

The BAS in Technology Management will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to assume leadership positions in the varied fields of technology.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degrees

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