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I take this opportunity to share the exciting news that Blended Learning International, Australia, is participating with the American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka, to offer the Australian accredited Diploma of Business in Sri Lanka. This opportunity will provide the Sri Lankan students to obtain an Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) accredited, recognized diploma in Sri Lanka. The students who successfully complete this diploma can get transferred to Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) to the second year of selected Business degrees.
For the first time, students in Sri Lanka have the opportunity to Study the Diploma of Business (BSB50215) in a blended mode. This diploma aims to provide the student with necessary knowledge and skills to effectively function within the corporate environment.
Blended Learning International welcomes eligible Sri Lankan students to this new education opportunity to study Australian Diploma of Business at American College of Higher Education. Students will access all contents online and the classroom teaching will be done at American College of Higher Education.


In brief, the benefits include:
1. Guaranteed entrance to one of RMIT’s selected business degrees (upon fulfillment of RMIT English requirement)
2. Students will receive up to 8 unmatched elective units for their chosen business degree.
3. Transfer to the second year of a three year selected business degree in RMIT, Australia.
4. Immense savings on university tuition fees and time.
Please visit American College of Higher Education, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka to enroll for this diploma.

I wish all students participating in this program a successful learning experience.


Lisa Meterano, CEO

Blended Learning International,