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Certificate Courses

Spoken English & Grammar for Children (SEGC) – 5-15 years old

  • SEGC Pre- Beginners
  • SEGC Beginners I
  • SEGC Beginners II
  • SEGC Pre- Intermediate
  • SEGC Intermediate I
  • SEGC Intermediate II
  • SEGC Advanced I
  • SEGC Advanced II
  • SEGC Advanced III


Lower Diploma (For adults)

Spoken English and Grammar



Diploma in English Level I (Pre- Intermediate)

Diploma in English Level II (Intermediate)

Diploma in English Level III

Diploma in English Level IV

Diploma in English Level V (Advanced)


English for Academic Purpose

  • Grammar and Writing 1/ Reading I
  • Grammar and Writing II/ Reading II
  • Grammar and Writing III/ Reading III
  • Grammar and Writing IV/ Reading IV
  • Advanced Composition I
  • Advanced Composition II

College Level English

  • College Preparatory Writing Skills I
  • College Preparatory Writing Skills II
  • College Preparatory Reading I
  • College Preparatory Reading II

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