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Diploma in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

Organizational Behavior is one of the most complex and perhaps the least understood subject areas of modern management. It concerns with the behavior of people in the organization. HRM is the study of successful management of people in the organization. The understanding of OB is very essential for successful good practice of Human Resource Management. This course presents a realistic, relevant and complete view of people working in organizations around the world.

This course is specially designed for Human Resource Managers, Supervisors, Counselors and personal managers.

Duration is 6 months

The course converts all basic theories in the two areas consists of discussion of case studies in real time scenarios.

A more practical oriented focus would be adopted in our teaching methodology to prepare students to meet the challenges in the employment market.

Course Description

  • Why Human Resources are important?
  • HRM Activities: Staffing, Development and Compensation
  • External Conditions
  • Managing Diversity
  • Organization Conditions
  • Employee Characteristics
  • Planning, Objectives and Evaluation
  • Human Resource Information systems
  • External Recruiting
  • External Employment Selection
  • Employee separations; Workforce Reduction and retention
  • Employee Development
  • Internal staffing and Careers
  • Training
  • Compensation
  • The pay system
  • Paying Individual Employees
  • Benefits
  • Labor relations
  • Unions
  • Employee Relations
  • The Study of Organizations
  • Managing Individuals. Group Organizational effectiveness
  • Individual Behavior and Differences
  • Motivation: Content Theories and applications
  • Motivation: Process theories and applications
  • Evaluating, Rewarding and punishing Behaviors
  • Stress and the Individual
  • Group Behavior
  • Intergroup Behavior and Management control
  • Power and Politics
  • Leadership: theories and Models
  • Leadership: Emerging Concepts and Approaches
  • Job Design
  • Organizational design
  • Communication Processes
  • Decision making Processes
  • Socialization and Career Processes
  • Organizational Development: Improving Performances
  • Organizational Developmental Intervention

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