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Diploma in Psychology

Diploma in psychology

  • will provide a broad coverage of the field of Psychology, introducing the basic concepts, theories and applications that constitute the discipline.
  • Build an appreciation of the relevance of Psychology to everyday life including learning to apply psychology to students’ chosen

Duration: 8 months

Course Content

Three modules are covered under Diploma in Psychology
Duration: 8 months

Module 1: General Psychology

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Bio-Psychology
  • importance of the scientific method to the study of psychology
  • master terms, names, concepts, scientific experiments, and theories vital to the understanding of psychology as a science
  • Health Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Sports Psychology

Module 2:  Applied Psychology

  • Historical antecedents
  • Theories
  • Nature and nurture
  • Mechanisms of development
  • Research areas
  • Research methods and designs
  • Life stages of psychological development
  • Parenting

Module 3: Abnormal Psychology

  • History
  • Explaining abnormal behavior
  • Approaches
  • Classification
  • Perspectives of Abnormal psychology
  • Etiology
  • Therapies

Please refer link for the brochure: Diploma in Psychology

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