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The Broward College World Conference, May 2017 Marbella, Spain

From May 10th to May 13th 2017, Broward College, USA held its Annual World Conference in Marbella, Spain. The conference was attended by representatives of the International Centers of Broward College from around the world, as well as representatives of other US universities.

The conference’s main aim was to provide an institutional network between Broward College, its international centers and other institutional partners. Over 60 representatives from Broward College and other US universities visited Marbella to share their teaching methods, curriculum, admission process requirements, study abroad programs and the transfer process to US universities.

Many students also had the opportunity to meet with visiting university representatives to learn about the US education system, how to apply to these institutions, the transfer system, and about scholarship opportunities.

The conference included many discussion and Ms. Sherryn Yaseen, founder CEO of the American College of Higher Education, Sri Lanka, Broward College’s oldest active partner, spoke of her experiences and shared true stories of how she guided the college to what it is today and how she handled the challenges during the past 22 years ensuring that the College remained sustainable.

The conference was hosted by Mrs. Melissa Butler Pancho the founder CEO of the American College in Spain.


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