Diploma in Fashion Design

About Course

• American Syllabus

• TVEC Approved 

Duration: 12 months

Course Structure:

• Creative Thinking.
• Figure Drawing.
• CAD in Photoshop.
• Introduction to Textile.

• Basic Pattern Making.
• Introduction to Garment Construction
• Practicum I, II, III.


1. Give an overview of the Diploma in Fashion
The one-year Diploma in Fashion Design has been curated to meet the design requirements of potential or budding designers – from understanding about the major international brands like Prada, Dior, Burberry etc. the fashion houses across the world, the fashion capitals and also learning about the basic to advance pattern-making, various designs and techniques, calculating consumption of fabric, color combining, shape or silhouette, line, color, texture and drape. In fact, this program introduces you to many skills that you will need to succeed in the world of fashion

2. Who will benefit from this program?
This program will benefit those who desire to market their label at department stores, dress boutiques or work at clothing factories involved in mass production.

3. What is so special about this Diploma in Fashion?
This diploma trains you for both commercial design for retail fashion, as well as conceptual design for the runway.

4. After the Diploma in Fashion Design how will I progress to a higher qualification?
After the Diploma, students can engage in the Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design. The American College is currently working on providing a Bachelor’s in Fashion Design

5. What type of career will I have and the opportunities in this field?
• Fashion Designer • Costume Designer • Fashion Advisor for Films • Fashion Advisor for Ads.
• Fashion Buyer • Fashion Marketer • Fashion Journalist/Blogger

6. What is the cost of this diploma?
The course fee of this Diploma is offered at a special rate of Rs.170,000 + Rs.15,000 Refundable Fee to coincide with the 27th anniversary of the American College.

7. Is it possible to enroll as a part time student? Yes it is.

8. What are the minimum educational requirements to enroll in these programs?
O/L passes are required as the minimum entry qualification for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

9. How many subjects are there for the Diploma?
There are 6 subjects plus 3 practicums. Students will do 2 subjects and a practicum each semester.

10. What is the pass mark for any subject? Over 50

11. If the student fails to pass any exam at ACHE, what is the position?
Since the course is broken up into smaller modules it is possible to easily re-do the failed module. However, if students diligently does the prescribed work they will definitely succeed.

12. What sort of practical training will the student undergo during Diploma year?
We offer all practical training necessary for garment construction such as the making of toiles and pattern making, using straight stitching machines, and using overlock machines. We also teach computer aided design in Photoshop as well as techniques for hand illustration when drawing croquis silhouettes.

Since this is a Diploma and students are still ‘finding’ themselves to see if they have a talent in this field, the American College has kept the cost to a bare minimum to help students in this first introductory course.

Entry Qualification:

• O/L (Local / London)



Course Curriculum