Program Description:

  • The Health Service Management program is designed for students who hope to work in the administrative areas of the health care field.
  • Positions can be found in hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms, and doctor’s offices.
  • Health Services Management professionals have little or no direct patient contact, but provide service “behind the scenes.”


For whom

Hospital – Marketing Department | Finance Department | Quality Assurance Department | Channeling and Admissions Department | Facility Department | Human Resource Department

Clinics – Channeling and Admissions Department | Facility Department | Human Resource Department

Pharmaceutical Firms – Purchasing Department | Records Department | Marketing Department | Finance Department | Human Resource Department

Doctor’s Office – Doctor’s Secretary | Channeling and Admission Department


Course content (Modules)


Program Duration: 12 months

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. What is the course fee?
Total course fee is Rs 120,000 and can be paid in installments monthly or term wise.

2. What is the Length of the Course?
The course duration will take up to a year.

3. What are the times and the Dates for the classes?
Classes will mainly be on weekends with each class being 3 hours long. weekday classes can also be arranged

4. What kind of job opportunities will this diploma provide?
This diploma offers training to handle a varied range of health service administration jobs. You can work in almost any department in a hospital, especially in private hospitals. Currently, hospitals are employing individuals without medical knowledge and it has become an issue. With this diploma you have a better chance of being employed due to your knowledge on medicine and administration.

5. What is special about the Health Service
Management course offered at the American College?
We provide international course outlines, taught by an expert lecturer panel.

6. Will this diploma help you to pursue any further higher studies?
This diploma can lead to an Associate degree in Health Service Management conferred by Broward College Florida, USA. Exemptions can be given towards the American Degree, which will enable you to complete the degree in one year.

7. Do you supply text books and other materials for the class?
Most of the materials will be provided by us. Lecturers will share any other course materials that may be used for the studies.


Required qualification:

  1. A/L qualification with 2 passes or equivalent
  2. O/L qualification plus a foundation
  3. Any other acceptable equivalent qualification
  4. Basic English Knowledge –
    (If not proficient in English you may require to do English preparation).