Course Structure: 

Course No. Modules to be completed
EDF 1005 Introduction to the Teaching Profession
EEC 1200 Early Childhood Education
EEC 1603 Child Guidance
CHD 1338 Math and Science for the Young Child
EDP 2002 Principles of Educational Psychology
CHD 1331 Creativity for Young Children
EME 2040 Introduction To Educational Technology
CHD 1940 Practicum 1:  Class observation and Evaluation
CHD 2441 Practicum 11:  Teaching Practice
TMS 1001 Teaching Methodology 1: Teaching Skills in Science for Primary students
TMM 1001 Teaching Methodology 2: Teaching Skills in Math for Primary students
TME 1001 Teaching Methodology 3: Teaching Skills in English for Primary students
TME 1002 Teaching Methodology 4: Teaching Skills in Environmental Science for Primary students


Note: Those who are not teachers have to follow last four modules (TMS 1001, TMM 1001, TME 1001 and TME 1002).

Further for non-teachers CHD 1949 and CHD 2441 are compulsory. These modules have to be completed in a registered school / preschool or a Montessori school.

Duration                        : One Year (01)

Entry Requirement   :

  1. 2/3’A’ Level passes ( work experience is not required )
  2. 1 Al pass + Certificate/diploma course in any other discipline + certificate course in Personality Development)
  3. OL + Foundation course
  4. If the Student is not a teacher then complete bridging programs in English, Science, Environmental Science and Mathematics at the American College of Higher Education.
  5. Teaching observation + Teaching Practice is mandatory for non-teachers.

By completing this course successfully, you are eligible to follow the Top up (credit transfer) program leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education offered by Lincoln University College in Malaysia.

Evaluation Method – ( Could be changed with the module)

First Exam                  = 35 Marks

Second Exam              = 35 Marks

First Assignment       = 10 Marks

Second Assignment  = 10 Marks

Presentation               = 05 Marks

Attendance                  = 05 Marks

                                       ( 80% attendance is necessary to be eligible to sit for final examinations)

Total                          = 100 Marks



A   –     Distinction (90% and above)

B    –     Honors (between 80% and 89%)

C    –     Merit (between 70% and 79%)

D   –     Pass (between 50% and 69%)

F    –     Fail (below 50%)