Other Services

At the beginning of every semester students and their parents are given a time slot to meet with the academic advising panel to discuss their progress and matters related academic issues and difficulties the students are facing with.

This helps the students to maintain good academic standard and to get advice on their course selection for the coming academic term and to clarify any issues that they face. The Broward College program coordinator prepares a schedule for the meeting indicating the time and the date and share it with the students.


A session on university transfers and study options are conducted every semester for the students get information on universities and transfer options. When students meet 30-40 credits in their AA degree they are requested to apply for the universities seeking admission as a transfer student.

Students first meet the officer in charge of transfers to get appointments to meet the Director of Operations to discuss the application procedure and other transfer related process. As the next step students are required to make an appointment through the officer in charge of transfers to meet the CEO who is having a vast experience to assist students on visa process and documents handling to apply for USA and Canadian universities or colleges.

For the students who are interested in transferring to universities in other countries such as Australia New Zealand, United Kingdom or elsewhere are directed to approved educational agents who maintaining agreements with ACHE.

We as a reputed and a quality higher education institute provide a favorable atmosphere for the students with special needs. Their physical disabilities are facilitated by providing a ramp, elevator, special parking slots, special recreational areas etc. Moreover, the lecturers make sure to pay special attention to the needs of these children and they make the learning process less challenging and interesting.

We provide more space for group activities which minimize the isolation encountered by these differently abled students. In addition, this promotes peer teaching and peer mentoring among the students which bond everybody together irrespective of their disabilities. Even though the count of differently abled students is low in the college; the staff and faculty are readily available to cater to the needs of these students.

ACHE Student Counsellors’ Office provides services to advice students to resolve their psychological, academic and personal problems. Trained Advisers/Counsellors (both male and female) are available to provide this service during the working days. All information is kept confidential. Students can meet the advisers who are trained to handle student counselling.

Students can either make an appointment or walk into the above office to get the advice and assistance.

Tutoring services play a key role at ACHE to ensure the overall success of the college and not just the overall success of the students being tutored. This service ensures academic excellence for the whole of the student body by providing a place and assistance to encourage students to seek help when and where they need it. In addition to the office hours provided students have access to meet the fulltime faculty available at their offices in the college premises to get assistance.

The designated staff at ACHE are readily available to aid a pupil through a subject, assignment, or area of study that seems difficult otherwise. ACHE also conducts additional English and Mathematics tutoring for the students who feel they need additional support in addition to the classroom learning.

In addition to the above service Peer-to-peer tutoring is found very effective at ACHE. Academic administration identifies the students who are knowledgeable and perform well in particular subjects’ area to be absorbed as peer teachers to assist the students who need additional support.

ACHE conducts regular faculty meetings and workshops to support faculty. ACHE directs the faculty to attend outside workshops conducted by from professional bodies and facilitates and supports the related cost.

A zoom meeting is held every Wednesday afternoon to train the faculty and to discuss the issues of the faculty to conduct courses effectively at ACHE.

Ache conducts student orientation when the semester begins to welcome all the newly enrolled students and explain the college procedures and academic programs. Ice breaking sessions some games are organized during the orientation to ensure that students interact with each other and get know them better.

Assistance related to finding accommodation closer to the college is provided as an additional support for the students who are travelling from far away cities. Student government takes care of the newly enrolled students to get themselves comfortable in the college environment.

The College Broward AA WhatsApp group add the new students and welcome them officially and share all the information they need to know.

ACHE forces on student life to develop leadership skills and to get involved in community services. A student government is active and students get elected every semester for various positions and they organize various activities to achieve their objectives.

Speech Club

ACHE provides a supportive and positive learning experience through the speech club in which students are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Sports Activities, CSR Community Service Projects and Entertainment activities

ACHE Promotes sports and recreational activities. At ACHE, students engage in a wide range of sports including cricket, Football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, chess, carom and pool. ACHE hires the playground and other sports facilities from outside organizations for sports facilities.

ACHE Student government organizes various community service projects and activities to help community and they organize fund raising activities to generate funds to carry out the projects. Many successful projects were organized and it was well received by the community.

In addition, students organize social fun activities to enjoy and to develop peer relationship and interaction among themselves and other ACHE centers in Sri Lanka.