Certificate in Pattern Making

About Course

This course is suitable for any student interested in pursuing fashion design or garment manufacture. All modules are offered at a beginner level and no prior knowledge is necessary. This is a professional qualification with which the student can, upon completion, either join the workforce or continue on to a higher education qualification in Fashion Design or any relevant field.

• Course Structure:

  1. Introduction to Apparel Industry
  2. Manual Pattern Development
  3. Pattern Development using CAD system
  4. Manual Pattern Grading
  5. Computer-aided Pattern Grading
  6. Communication skills for workplace
  7. Workshop calculation & Science
  8. Team Work
  9. Occupational Safety & Health and Environmental Aspects

• American Syllabus

• Duration: 06 months  

• Leading to a Advanced Diploma in Fashion design 

• Entry Requirements:  O/L (Local/London) Pass in Mathematics & English or Relevant sufficient work experience.




Course Curriculum