Smart Lecture Rooms

Our well-furnished Smart lecture rooms are laid out in a way to create ample interaction between the students and lecturers and provide an atmosphere for congenial learning.

Computer Labs

The computer labs provide the students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience on an extensive variety of software packages/languages.

Chemistry / Bio / Physics Labs

Our Chemistry, Physics and Biology Labs are well equipped to perform experimented recommended for AA Degree.


The library is open throughout the week for students. The current addition of 440,000 books that are accessible through the Virtual Library makes our library one of the biggest in Sri Lanka. All students of American College are entitled to access these extensive sources of knowledge to help them in research and reading.

Student Lounge

Students who need a little time to unwind can do so at the student lounge. The student lounge is fitted with multimedia entertainment equipment, a pool table, carom board, etc.

Counselling Room

Testing Room

Other Facilities

Auditorium, Examination Halls, etc.