Research Database



• Tahaan Radya Jayewardene

Dicipline: General Psychology
Topic: Teenage depression

• Amandi Kotalawela

Dicipline: Human Anatomy
Topic: Retinopathy of Premature Babies

• Dulari Kodippiliarachchi

Dicipline: Statistics
Topic: Statistical analysis of fragmentation of upper urinary calculi by Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy


• W. Ryan Fernando/ Sujani Mohankumar/Vinu Pamuditha

Dicipline: Chemistry
Topic: How PH of Water Affects Seed Germination of Plants

• Trevin Andrew Augustin

Dicipline: Theatre appreciation
Topic: The Difference of Sri Lankan Gender Roles through Theatre

• Raveena Oshandi Wijedasa

Dicipline: Principles of sociology
Topic: Buddhism and Sri Lankan Culture


• Akshan Meegasthanna

Dicipline: General Physics 1
Topic: Viscosity of the special food substances (vegetables) & their effect on the human body

• J.A. Sandeepa Dulanjani Perera

Dicipline: Calculus and analytical Geom 1
Topic:The History of Calculus and Analytical geometry

• Fathimath Shaza Shan

Dicipline: Developmental Psychology
Topic:Child Abuse



• Anjelo de Soyza

Dicipline: Calculus and Analytical Geometry 3
Topic: Line integrals convolution on surface integrals & Surface integrals convolution on volume integrals

• Sajini Devmini Fernando

Dicipline: General biology 1
Topic: Chronic Kidney Disease

• Prashashthi Theekshana Wijessoriya

Dicipline: Statistics
Topic: Applications of Statistical Methods to Solve in Real Life Problems


• Deevani Navakumar

Dicipline: International Relations
Topic: Red Cross Sri Lanka’s movements towards the recovery whom were affected by the 2004 Tsunami

• Enriqe de Meral

Dicipline: Hyman Anatomy
Topic: The Importance of Microbiome by the Numbers

• Thanuri Mendis

Dicipline: Theatre appreciation
Topic:Identify the benefits students obtained from Theater Appreciation class experience and how it impacted on their lives.


• S.A. Methsara Bandara

Dicipline: Human Anatomy and Physiology
Topic:Dengue: Cause, Effects and Prevention

• Lokugahawattage Dineth Prasanka

Dicipline: Chemistry 1
Topic: Closer Look at the The Periodic Table

• Ramadevan Denver Rayan

Dicipline: English Comp1
Topic: The Usefulness of the National Museums to School Children as a Source of Learning



• Auxilia Miranda

Dicipline: Environmental chemistry
Topic: Pollution of Water in Colombo City and Suburbs Due to Human Activity

• Auxilia Miranda

Dicipline: Us History
Topic: US Peace Corps Working to Strengthen American International Relations


• Pivithuru Liyanaarachchi

Dicipline: Chemistry
Topic: Chemistry of a selection of Ayurvedic Plants

• Saika Venukanathan

Dicipline: Chemistry
Topic: The effects of house hold compunds on Milk Protein production

• Kawya Kahatapitiya

Dicipline: Chemistry
Topic: Health Benefits of Medicinal Fruits


• Sachith Chandula

Dicipline: Human Resource Management
Topic: Employee engagement during the Covid -19 Global pandemic

• Kavinda Rajapaksha

Dicipline: General Physics
Topic: Viiscocity of Kekeiri and its effect on the human body

• Imeth Wattage

Dicipline: Microbiology
Topic: Common Parasitic Helminthus in Sri lanka



• Kevin Rodrigo

Dicipline: English Composition 2
Topic: Current Modern Trendsavailable in education setting

•Chethana Delgahagoda

Dicipline: General Biology 2
Topic: Traditional Sri Lankan Ayurveda herb "Lasis Spinosa" for healthy digestive system

•Pivithuru Liyanarachchi

Dicipline: Introduction to Biology
Topic: Origins of Life Abiogenesis and Huma evolution


• Binadi Imaya Samanasiri

Dicipline: English Comp 1
Topic: Historical education in English language is mandatory for the Sri Lankan education system”

• Nadil Perera

Dicipline: Biology
Topic: AstroBiology


• Tharunethu

Dicipline: Theatre Appreciation
Topic: "Pandemic Cages the Golden Freedom of Sri Lankan Theatre A study on the impact of the man-eating virus on the ecstasy of theatrical performances"

• Methmini Caldera

Dicipline: Macro Economics
Topic: Impact of Covid-19 on Sri lankan Economy

• Nadil Perera

Dicipline: English composition 1
Topic: Leadership



• Gajendra sakalasooriya

Dicipline: English comp 2
Topic: Shakespeare’s Influence on English Language A study on the magical impact Shakespeare left on the English Language

• Binadi Imalya

Dicipline: General Physics 1
Topic: How the viscocity of fruit extracts differ and its effect on human body