About Course

Course Duration          : 20 months

Program Description : 
The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education prepares graduates to work in both early childhood and primary educational contexts.

It also prepares graduates to manage daycare centers and pre-schools.
It enables them to work in Sri Lanka & other countries.

Program Aim :

  • Introduce students to the fundamentals of early childhood learning.
  • Nurture future teachers who are responsive to the needs of children in their early childhood and formative years.
  • Develop students to be competent individuals; equipped with the necessary skills to teach effectively.
  • Inculcate in students the good qualities necessary to become role models to the future generation.

For Whom : 

  • Present teachers who are seeking further qualifications.
  • For students who have finished the Diploma in Primary Teacher Training, Early Childhood Education and Special Needs Education and are seeking a higher qualification.
  • Students who have completed A/Levels and believe that teaching is their vocation.
  • Those who wish to pursue a rewarding career as a teacher.

Course Structure : 

Semester 1

(4 Months)

01. Child Growth and Development  

02. Children with Special Needs   

03. Pedagogy: Supporting Development in the Early Years  

04. Science and Technology in ECE

Semester 2

(4 Months)

05. Families and Community Involvement in ECE

06. Theories of Teaching and learning

07. Health, Safety and Nutrition in ECE

08. Multiculturalism and Education

Semester 3

(4 Months)

09. Cross Cultural Psychology

10. Issues in ECE

11. Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships

12. Early Learning and Early ENV

Semester 4

(4 Months)

13. Human Learning

14. Keeping children safe from home

15. Social study & Emotional Development

16. Learning Theory for Educators

Semester 5

(4 Months)

17. Programmes, Planes and Development

18. Play in Early Childhood Education

19. Research Methodology 

20. Research Project 



Entry Requirement : Recognized Diploma in Early Childhood Education/Primary Teacher Training or Equivalent qualification from a recognized institute or start your Diploma at American College (Duration: 1 year)

Evaluation Method  : Class Test, Assignment, Presentation, Final Exam

The American College of Higher Education is an academic affiliate of Lincoln University College, Malaysia and the degree will be conferred by Lincoln University Malaysia.



Course Curriculum