About Course

Course Duration      : 20 months

Program Description:
The Bachelor of Psychology program provides a knowledge and skills required to Understand the behavior of both individuals and groups, which is necessary to influence the way educators, policy makers and the community survey work about mental health and the workings of the human mind.

Program Aim :

  • To offer students a solid foundation of core psychological principles and expose them to a broad cross-section of topics within basic and applied psychology
  • To help students develop research and communication skills, and attain strong background in psychology as a science.
  • To foster critical thinking amongst the students to address evolving issues related to education, work, health-care, and everyday life.
  • To provide a solid foundation in modern psychology and diversity of skills to prepare the student for a wide range of careers concerning human behavior and experiences
  • To provide an understanding and capability to work independently for the management of human resource and personal development for other services

For whom :

  • Present teachers who are seeking further qualifications.
  • For students who have finished the Diploma in Psychology and are seeking a higher qualification.
  • For those who wish to pursue a rewarding career as;
    1. Market Researchers
    2. Teachers
    3. Social Workers
    4. School Counsellors
    5. Human Resources Professionals


Course Structure : 

Semester 1

(4 Months)

01. Community & Mental Health
02. Biological Basis Behavior
03. Personality and Psychopathology
04. Psychological Statistics
05. Study skill

Semester 2

(4 Months)

06. Motivation & emotion
07. Research Methods in Psychology
08. Psychological Assessment
09. Behavioral Psychology

Semester 3

(4 Months)

10. Psychological Sensation & Perception
11. Guidance & Counseling 1
12. Basic Psychological process 1
13. Learning Disabilities

Semester 4

(4 Months)

14. Group Therapy and Family Counseling
15. Guidance and Counseling 2
16. Basic Psychological Process 2
17. History of Psychology

Semester 5

(4 Months)

18. Theories of Psychology
19. Health & Psychology
20. Leadership Skill and Human Relations
21. Research Project


Entry Requirement : Recognised Diploma in Psychology from a recognised Institute. or start your Diploma at American College (Duration: 1 year)

Evaluation Method  : Class Test Assignment Presentation Final Exam

The American College of Higher Education is an academic affiliate of Lincoln University College, Malaysia and the degree will be conferred by Lincoln University Malaysia.



Course Curriculum