Program Description:
Disorder (ASD) is a group of complex neuro-developmental disorders affecting communication, socialization, thought and behavior. The symptoms may vary from being very severe to being very mild. Persons with ASD are entitled to equal rights and opportunities as all other citizens of the country.

The number of persons receiving a diagnosis of ASD is increasing rapidly.

There is a growing demand for rehabilitation personal trained especially in this field. This course is designed to provide the trainee teacher a comprehensive understanding of ASD and the skill and competence to meet the needs of students with ASD in regular and special education classrooms.

The following modules will be covered during the course.

  1. Introduction to Special Need Education
  2. Special Needs Exceptionalities in classroom
  3. Ethics of a Special Need Facilitator
  4. Educational Psychology
  5. Nature and Needs of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (STD & ADHD)
  6. Discipline, Guidance and Counseling at school level
  7. Classroom Management with Exceptional Children
  8. Child Rights and new trends in Education
  9. Practicum: Special Needs Institution