Course Structure: 

Unit Title
Introduction and Philosophy of Exceptional Student Education
Special Needs Exceptionalities in classroom
Educational Psychology
Instructional Practices for students with Disabilities
Assessment and Strategies in Exceptional Student Education
Nature and Needs of Autism
Observation and Practicum


Observation and Practicum is a must for students who are not working in this field.

Minimum of one month practice is needed for the completion of the module.

Duration                : One Year (01)

Entry Requirements:

  1. Followed A/L and (minimum) passes in two subjects
  2. One pass in A/L and a Diploma/certificate courses in any discipline done in a reputed

institute.  If not the student has to follow Certificate in Personality Development at


  1. OL passes (minimum) in 5 subjects- has to follow the Foundation course at ACHE



If you are prevented from attending classes because of illness or other substantial cause beyond your control, you should submit appropriate medical and/or other documentation to the College.

80% attendance is mandatory to sit for the final examination.

ASSESSMENT (per module)

Assessment Weighting
Final Exam 60%
Assignments/ presentations 35%
Attendance 5%


A          –           Distinction (90% and above)

B          –           Honors (between 80% and 89%)

C          –           Merit (between 70% and 79%)

D          –           Pass (between 50% and 69%)

F          –           Fail (below 50%)


If a student is unable to submit the portfolio on or by the due date, the penalty for late submission will be 5% (of the possible mark) for each day the assessment is late and after one week the mark will be zero. Without the submission of the Portfolios in all modules, the certificate will not be issued.

An exception may be granted if the student provides appropriate documentation, for example a medical certificate confirming illness or a written explanation by the student in the case of personal circumstances which affected the student’s ability to do the assignment by the due date.

Students must notify their lecturer prior to the submission date they are unable to submit and the evidence must be submitted within 1 day of return to the College.