Program Description:
The Foundation in Arts is designed to enhance individual’s fundamental knowledge related to humanities with enhanced understanding in all the necessary aspects of arts & humanities to deal and manage global business workforce. This pre-university course provides an entry route for degree courses of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities along with Business studies. It facilitates students with the key advantage of grounding in their target degree via modules taught by academics from those courses.

Program Duration: 1 Year


Year 1 Semester 1
1) Academic English 1
2) Fundamentals of Computer
3) Industrial-Organisational Psychology
4) Communication Studies
5) Personality Development and College Success
6) Teaching English

Year 1 Semester 2
7) Economics
8) Creative Problem Solving
9) Fundamentals of Internet Applications
10) Academic English 2
11) Psychology
12) Teaching Mathematics

Year 1 Semester 3
11) Social Work
12) Co-Curriculum
13) Sociology
14) Entrepreneurship
17) Teaching Science
18) Teaching ENV