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Diploma in Special Needs Education

This revised course is designed to provide the teacher a comprehensive understanding of ASD and the skill and competence to meet the needs of students with ASD in regular and special education classrooms.

1. Perspectives in Education
2. Curriculum Planning for Early Childhood
3. Admin and Management in Early Childhood Education
4. Children’s Literature and Language Arts
5. Professional and Technical Writing
6. Developmental Psychology (Child Psychology)
7. Positive Behavioral Support
8. Nature and Needs of the Autism Spectrum Disorder STD
9. Practicum: Special Needs Institutions

Please follow link for the brochure: Diploma in Special Needs Education


This course includes direct work with students and requires the completion of assessments and interventions with a student on the autism spectrum who is served in a special education classroom.

Students selected for the practicum need to be classified in the same category as the credential you hold or the credential program in which you are enrolled (Early childhood education /Primary teacher training)

For Students who are not currently teaching or teaching in areas other than special education, a practicum opportunities in a special education classroom will be arranged.

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